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No more nails for Kyle

June 14, 2017

Thanks to Kyle and his human Josephine Crawford for this brilliant review of Glushu. If your horse has broken feet or a thin hoof wall that will not tolerate nails please click here try Glushu today.



" I tried Glushu glue on horse shoes on Kyle as his feet were so bad broken and not much hoof to nail shoe on.


I am so pleased with the result. The shoes stayed on for 9 weeks even when they came off there was absolutely no damage to hoof .


His hooves have grown, there are no holes or bits missing now. This is the best I have ever seen his wee hooves .


I genuinely can't recommend Glushu enough. No more nail on shoes again.


Thank you Stephen Gardiner for such a lovely job. And sue from Glushu-U.K.


The 1st photo is the hoof trimmed after 9 weeks with a Glushu on and the 2nd photo is the new Glushu on. "






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