Glushu for Laminitic Shetland Jacob.

Thanks to expert Glushu Farrier Mark Osborne for sharing the gorgeous Jacobs Glushu story with us. If you have a Shetland horse with sore feet who you think we could help please get in touch, we do not do Shetland Glushu sizes as standard but we can advise how to modify our smallest size or custom make them for you : If you are in Scotland and looking for a Glushu farrier please check out Marks Facebook page here: Mark Osborne Farriers. From farrier Mark Osborne: “This is my fantastic Shetland customer Jacob. He is 30 years old and unfortunately suffers from laminitis. We have been using various glue on horse shoes for Jacob for about 3 years as he needs much more support th

Farrier Glushu Fast Fix Tutorial.

Following feedback from Glushu farriers and horse owners we are always looking to improve the Glushu shoeing system. A lot of the feed back we received was that some horses with sore feet found it difficult to hold the hoof up for 5 minutes. Farriers also commented it would be better if the horse could stand for the 5 minutes to speed up the shoeing particularly in cold temperatures. Taking this on board we developed a "Fast Fix" system (available now from the online store) to be used in conjunction with the standard Glushu process. This additional prep makes Glushu shoeing more hands free, easier and quicker. Thanks to expert farrier Adam Bliss for this instructional video. Find Adam on fac

Flyte uses Glushu for his small brittle hooves.

Thanks to Glushu Farrier Mark Osborne and owner Lisa Rice for sending us these photos of the gorgeous Flyte. If your horse has brittle hooves that are tricky to nail Glushu is a great alternative to traditional shoeing. Order now from our online store or contact us direct to order offline: Click here to like Mark Osborne Farriers on Facebook to see more of his fantastic work. From Owner Lisa Rice. “I honestly don’t think he would be here today was it not for Glushu. We have been battling with his small brittle feet for years and we were seriously thinking it could be the end of the road as he was in so much distress. Thanks to Glushu and my amazing Farrier Mark Osborne he is

Farrier review: Laminitis & Whiteline.

Thanks to Oswald Farrier Service for this great review of Glushu glue on horse shoes. If you are in the USA and are looking for Glushu please contact Chris on Facebook at From Farrier Chris Oswald. “We have just discovered Glushu glue on horseshoes and we think this will be a game changer for many of our horses with problematic hooves. Glushu is a great way to go when nailing on a shoe isn’t an option due to laminitis or cracked hooves. Please see picture below of my latest work. This horse is a chronic founder laminitis/white line disease case that Dr. Paul Daniels and I have been working on for the past two years together. We decided that I would modify the

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