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The Glushu fast fix system has been developed to make gluing horse shoes quicker easier and hands free in just 4 easy steps. 

Step 1

Put a small bead of CA Glue around the bottom of the hoof wall and spray the inside of the shoe with the primer/activator.

Step 2

Holding back the side of the cuffs, slide the shoe onto the hoof, aligning it with the frog and adjust to the correct position.


HOLD FOR 30 SECONDS. Place hoof gently on the floor

Step 3

Using a hoof pick, pull back the cuffs and backfill with warm Shufit glue. Tidy up the edges of the Glushu wiping away the overfill with a small piece of card.

Step 4

Use hoof wrap to hold the shoe and cuff to the hoof wall while the glue is curing.

Place the hoof on the ground and leave to cure for a 5-10 mins before removing the hoof wrap.

Your horse will be able to walk around but ensure you allow the glue cure for a further hour before riding.

For horses that need extra support we have frog support that can be used in conjunction with Glushu.

For pricing and to order please go to the Glushu online shop

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