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How Glushu can help when you can't nail on a shoe.

Many thoroughbreds and retired racehorses have very thin hoof walls which makes it difficult to nail on a shoe. Some hooves can’t tolerate nails. Nails can split a weakened hoof wall, forcing farriers to seek a deeper and higher location for attachment. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of injuring a horse or creating an uncomfortable, tight feeling (nail bound) as the nail must lay very close to sensitive structures.


It also should be remembered that nails create holes in the hoof wall. That means even the soundest foot must grow new horn to supply solid hoof wall for the next nailing.


Glushus are completely non-invasive thus they do not fall foul of the potential problems inherent with nailing. They allow the horse to lead a normal life without damage to the hoof.


Please click the links below to see how Glushu have helped horses with thin or crumbling hoof walls.​

Glushu saves the day for Naz. 


Mally recovers from suspensory injury.


Glushu has helped Werner to help new horse riders.

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