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How Glushu helps horses with a fear of shoeing.

A fear of shoing is a very real problem for many horses and their owners. Mr Snip’s owner, Shan-louise Simpson, came to Glushu with a very upset horse, here is what she said at the time...

"I have owned Mr Snip for three years and I have never been able to hack him out more than once a week and even then I had to be very careful where I took him!!  Mr Snip has very sensitive feet and cannot go barefoot so he has been wearing traditional nail on shoes. Unfortunately Mr Snip hates being nailed and would always need to be sedated in order to get his shoes fitted. The whole experience could be very upsetting for both Mr Snip and myself"


Glushus were fitted without the need for sedation and Mr Snip was hacking out every day over rough terrain. Fast forward 3 months and all we can say is WOW!


From Shan-louise "Mr Snip has gone from barely being able to hack out to bagging a load of rosettes at Rockrose Equestrian!

He is now having his Glushus replaced every 6 weeks with no stress to any of us."

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